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Corporate Chef & Partner

I spent 17 years in a stainless steel jungle, where the average temperature was 35 degrees.

Each day was a symphony made up of crashing pots and pans, the sizzle of the grill, the quiet intensity of water at a hard boil, the metronome-like ticking of knives on the cutting board, the whir of the blender, the drone of the hood and people shouting at each other in increments of time.

Each kitchen and every year in the city, taught me something new about myself. Over time, I developed a style and approach to food that is uniquely my own. Some said I was a cowboy, others called me a Black Sheep. No matter the title, I strived to deliver the perfect culinary experience; to surprise and delight my guests with each and every plate. Although I loved the beat of the jungle, I was ready for a change. So, in 2014, I moved from Downtown Toronto to Prince Edward County.

The 4 years I spent in The County has proven to be the most powerful and transformative experience of my life so far.

It felt like living in a colour version of "Leave it to Beaver." Strong communities with deep roots accented by incredibly talented farmers, chefs, artisans and makers – all of which created a melting pot to draw inspiration from.

Now having landed permanently in Kingston, Ontario, I want to continue to honour the lessons passed down to me in The County. 

Capturing the vibrant flavours of each season, to create unique and interesting flavour profiles that highlight ingredients at their best. I focus on seasonal selections and source ingredients as close to home as possible. 

Supporting local growers has always been part of my foundation and is so important, now more than ever!

Whether it's a sit down dinner for 8, interactive cooking demonstration, a corporate luncheon or tips to make your weeknight meals a snap — I've got you covered with fresh, locally sourced, ingredients, customized menus and 24 years experience in my field.

 Stay Hungry!

Find out more about Hey Darlin' by giving us a call today.

Hey Darlin' Diner serving up down home comfort food, with social values.

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